Thursday, February 20, 2014

So yes it's been a while. Ok a long while. I've moved from Springfield to the Portland area and now settled in Lebanon. The girls have grown so much since I last posted. Zoe is now 11 and almost as tall me, about 4'11" now. She will be in middle school next year. Oi vey! Lily is 7 and my little diva. I am in trouble when it comes to her teen years. Here is a couple pix of them now:

And we recently took in a kitty. The girls have named her Sparta!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

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I really should blog an update soon**sheepish grin**

Monday, September 29, 2008

First Day of School!

The walk to clas on the first day. Zoe was really excited and ready to start her independence, already. I knew I didn't need to worry about her having separation anxiety.

I really had to pry her attention away for this.
After School

Lily was happy Zoe was home too.

Disneyland/Califrnia Pix

Waiting for the shuttle the first day.

Frank and Zoe flying with Dumbo

The girls with Ariel

I think Lily is getting tired

At Tritons Pool

At Medieval Times, yea!

Zoe with her flower from the Blue Night

The Blue Night and Zoe (I told ya they are getting younger)

With Great Great Uncle Dick on the old homested.

The old barn on the property. Built in the mid30's with scrap wood.
And still leaning! The barn and the chicken coop are still there with
2nd house on the original property, still at 1 acre. Everyone else has
sub-divided in the area to developers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Disneyland Highlights

On the way down we stopped in Redding to visit a friend I hadn't seen in almost 20 years. The girls absolutely loved it, mainly because of the horses. Zoe still asks if we can live there...she'll stay in the barn with the horses. =) Silly girl

Arthur(the black draft horse, Belgian I think) and Gwenevere (a Klydesdale mix)
The girls riding Chance

Well lots of fun in the sun, as it goes. The girls and Frank enjoyed their 1st visit to Disneyland, I return after 17+ years. The first day we got to see Cruella, our first "character". She said hello to Zoe as she was returning to the Cast Only door. Zoe just looked at her like OMG she's real, she was speechless, seriously! So Cruella says well just wave then, still no acknowledgement from Zoe. So Cruella says." Fine then don't wave darling" and stalked off. She was good!

It took us all 3 days to cover MOST of Disneyland and scratch the surface of California Adventure with these two. One of the highlights on the first day was the Princess Dinner. It was Lily's turn with Ariel to give the OMG she's real look. I've added the Ariel photo in my pix on Myspace(Momma Irish). Zoe really enjoyed the one on one time with them.

On the second day we finished Fantasy Land, minus the Princess area, caught that on the last day. We worked on Tomorrow Land and enjoyed that alot. Zoe even went on Space Mountain. We did the New Orleans and got short lines on the Haunted House (super short here, an oddity) and Pirates of the Caribbean. The new Pirates ride is pretty good, wasn't sure what to expect.
Now that we cooled off we got ready for Medieval Times! was fun. The story line is different now, but Zoe "caught" a flower from our knight and loved all the horses. She even got to meet our Blue Knight. The get younger all the time!

Ok, back to Disney to utilize all the time we have! whew, keeping up? Back to Tomorrow Land to finish up. We did the Buzz Lightyear ride, that was fun. Then on to Star Tours. Frank and I had to take turns on alot of stuff with Zoe then the other would fly solo. So I let Frank take Zoe on this one and passed this round.
When they came out the exit for Star Tours Frank came walking over laughing. In the line he had told Zoe about how they were going to fly in a space ship to outer space and see the stars, etc. When the ride is done, he looks down at Zoe who is starting to cry. Frank asks why she is crying and she looked up at him and asked," Now how are we gonna get home?" Kids, gotta love

On the third day we tried to finish up the park and get in some "big kid" rides. Not much to tell hear, the girls were wiped out and moody. I am sure you hear enough of that at home as is, no need to spill it hear too. = p

We took our time getting home to visit family on the way up. Stopped by the old family homestead, where my Great Grandfather built the house, after the depression, around 1935. It was good to get away, I miss that place. Oh and one last Zoe-ism. One of the mornings at the hotel, I was telling Zoe we needed to get going so the maid could come in to clean the room and make the bed. Her reply - Why does she need to come in and make the bed, we already have one?

Ok, I didn't want to fuse with arranging the pics with what I wrote because I wrote this some time ago and am now adding pictures. I have created a separate blog post for them, enjoy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


So June 13th I got to visit my best friend. It was bitter sweet, she only got to stay for about 8 hours. No where near enough time. But I did get this funny tid bit from her visit.
Both her and her boyfriend came up to Oregon, she was headed to a wedding up north. Not many of you know that she has alopecia, which cause ones hair to fall out. So she buzz cut her hair a while back and has worn wigs from time to time.
The girls have an old costume wig they paly with and Mary was curious so she tried it on. Lily was not miss out on the fun, pointed at the wig and said "I want hat". It was funny to see her swim in the wig.
Next she turns to Marys' boyfriend and points at his hair and says again, "I want hat". She was very adament about wanting to wear his hair, she asked several time for his hat.

As you can see he is called Blue for a reason, the "hat" doesn't come off.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Finance It!

So many of you are familiar with the Massey Wholesale car commercials right? A few weeks ago Zoe was with me running errands and we were driving past the dealership on Hwy 99. " Look Mom, it's the Finance It guy," she tells me. " I don't like him", Zoe said. I asked why not? And this was her answer.
" I don't like him because he finances everyone. If he tries to finance me, I'll finance him back!"
Haahahaha, you go girl! And charge double while you're at it. =)